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Student Handbook

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Student Handbook

Post by Yugi Moto on Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:37 pm

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Hello, and welcome to the Student Handbook for New Zexal Duel Academy. This is a must read to understand everything possible about this academy. It is essential that all students read this once they register, as to not bombard the administrators here with questions that aren't essentially vital and who's answers can be found here.
So without further ado, students, your handbook!
A quick background.
ZDA was created by Yugi Moto, otherwise known as Zexal, during the airing of the Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds show Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. The goal of it was to recreate the concept of a duel academy using signer concepts and dorms. It was also intended for the academy to be given a more futuristic effect to it. This was intended to interest students and give a feel of originality to said academy.
The basic procedure is followed. Teachers post lessons every Monday, with homework due every Sunday. Just like a normal academy. Once joined, it is recommended to begin your official start by posting on the Introductions and Farewell topics here.
1. No insulting other members. This is the most straight forward rule of the bunch. Any direct insults noticed by an administrator WILL result in an infraction.
2. No forms of slander, profanity, or defaming other members. This goes with the above rule, however, is a bit more specific.
3. No explicit or sexually content images or links. Posting hyperlinks of pornographic websites WILL result in an infraction. Posting images of sexually content images WILL cause you to 'jump' an infraction.
4. No 'spamming'. Spamming is constantly posting statements that contribute nothing to the conversation.
5. No 'flooding'. Flooding is repeatedly posting UNUSUALLY large posts repeatedly that, again, contribute nothing to the conversation. This dose not mean we are adding a limit to how much you can post, however, no one wants to read 100 pages about your childhood when they're discussing what card to put into their Mermail deck.
6. No Necro posting. Necro-Posting is posting on a 'dead' topic that no one has been involved in for 50 or more days. This means commenting on an already solved ruling question. However, if the topic IS relevant, this rule may be broken.
Infractions go as followed:
1st Infraction : Warning
2nd Infraction : Half of all Signer Points will be removed. Second warning will also be given.
3rd Infraction : All Signer Points will be removed. Final warning will be given.
4th Infraction : Your account will be banned for twenty-four hours.
5th Infraction : Your account will be banned for a week (7 days)
6th Infraction : Your account will be banned for a month. (30 days)
7th Infraction : Your account will be banned permanently. (forever)
8th Infraction : You will be IP banned.
There will be a warning log to keep track of these infrac
Perhaps you've already realized that your name is green. If not, spoiler alert, it is. This means you are currently in the lowest dorm, Ancient Fairy Dragon Dorm. There are no starter tests in this academy. All members will be put in this dorm when they first begin regardless of their skill level.
There are two types of dorms in this academy. The Signer dorms, and the Advanced dorms. There are 6 Signer dorms. These consist of Ancient Fairy, Power tool, Black Rose, Black Wing, Red Dragon Archfiend, and Stardust. There are 3 advanced dorms;
A member can rank up in dorms by several ways.
Firstly, a member will automatically rank up once he or she has reached a specific number of posts posted (this number is not to be revealed.).
Secondly, a member can earn Signer points by posting and various other activities to purchase a test in BoS's Main Shop. Once a test is taken from this process, the tester will decide on where the member gets placed.
**Note, you can only take a test once every 3 days**
Thirdly, a member can beat exactly three members of an advanced dorm in an official academy duel to rank up. This will be taken care of by an administrator. You can duel a member who is at least 1 dorm higher than your rank, however you only rank-up to the next dorm and not the dorm you just beat.
**Note, these wins must be done with a deck of tier 3 or below**
There are requirements to rank up by dueling.
1. A member must be a student at BoS Signer Duel Academy .
2. A member must be of the Fairy Dorm or above
3. A member must have a made a intro post.
4.only 1 rank-up"attempt" per 3 days
And finally, a member can rank up by winning various contests and events who's prizes are a rank up.
Any member can host and join their own events. However, prizes will be given out of their own pocket unless an event is hosted by the official high staff of BoS. This means that any member can host a tournament, showcase, competition, what have you, so long as it is in no way 'rigged' in a single players favor, and where the prize directly comes from that player.
Prizes that are 'rank ups' are allowed to be given, but, however, must be approved by an administrator.
Power and government.
There are a specific number of people here who will not lose their power. This is specifically referring to the council of three. However, members CAN gain power.
How you ask? By contributing something others cant. Perhaps you'd like a better explanation.
Perhaps you can work with Graphic art better than other members, and can make art and banners better, in your opinion, than the ones already here now. If you are able to do so, then you will earn both Signer points and power in the form of prestige, moderator abilities, or, if it's top notch enough, administrator abilities.
If there are any questions, please, contact an administrator. I hope this is helpful .
Yugi Moto
Yugi Moto

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